With the increased popularity, due to its many wonderful health benefits, more and more people are searching where to buy turmeric capsules. Despite what most people think, it is not very difficult to find a seller. This product originally came from South and Southeast Asia, but found its way into the Western world years ago. It just due to recent studies, though, that its popularity is gaining. But the question remains, what is it and are the claimed health benefits true? Here are some detailed facts about turmeric.

What Is Turmeric?


Curcuma Longa is the scientific name for turmeric. This is a spice which comes from the turmeric plant, which is generally used in most Asian cuisine. This is actually the main spice for curry and has been used in Asia as an anti-inflammatory for centuries. These days, however, turmeric capsules are becoming more and more popular as an herbal medicine in the Western world too.

Obesity and Turmeric

Obesity is an increasing health concern, not just in the United States but all over the world. Food and lifestyle are some of the most common factors that cause a person to be obese. Food these days often contains preservatives and is no longer fresh. Most people live such a very busy lifestyle that they do not often pay attention to the food they eat or when they eat, which is why obesity is becoming more common. On the other hand, being fat doesn’t always mean you are obese. Obesity is when the body has too much fat; there are people who have big bodies due to muscles and abnormal water retention in the body. One of the things necessary for losing weight is fat burning. This is something the liver does, but when the liver is damaged, the detoxification process is hindered. Turmeric helps detoxify the liver while protecting the cells damaged due to environmental pollutants. Furthermore, some research has found out that turmeric supplements can help lower blood cholesterol contents, especially the LDL cholesterol. This is due to its lipid-lowering properties. Turmeric supplements can reduce cholesterol level, which can aid in losing weight by reducing the adipose tissues which also causes weight gain.

Turmeric capsules and supplements present many health benefits when taken appropriately and with proper dosage levels, however, it could also be dangerous when excessive amounts are taken. It may cause ulcer or upset stomach. It could also cause indigestion, diarrhea, nausea and dizziness. Here are four of the best turmeric supplements for you.

Turmeric Force by New Chapter


Numerous companies isolate the elements from the turmeric herb then concentrate them. This supplement does not; it uses the principle of whole food so as to preserve all nutrients. This also does not make use of any chemical solvent methods. It makes use of the supercritical CO2 extraction. This guarantees the fullest extraction taking in all phytonutrients from the source without breaking them down or diminishing their effectiveness. All the benefits of these compounds in Turmeric Force work together to support a healthy immune system and helps in healing inflammation caused by increased exercise or activity. Furthermore, this turmeric supplement also supports cardiovascular health.

Are you wondering how to take turmeric capsules and supplements and how much turmeric daily your should have? Each bottle contains 60 capsules and is recommended to be taken once daily. It also contains extra virgin olive oil, organic yellow beeswax and maltodextrin hypromellose. Taking a daily supplement like this is the best way to take turmeric.

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Turmeric with Meriva by Source Naturals


This is a bottle of powerful antioxidants containing 120 capsules per bottle. Each capsule contains 500 milligrams and is recommended to be taken once or twice daily with food unless prescribed otherwise. Each capsule of Meriva® Turmeric Complex contains a blend of turmeric rhizome extract and phosphtidylcholine, dibasic calcium phosphate, gelatin, silica, maltodextrin and magnesium stearate. This supplement contains high amounts of curcumin which helps support a healthy inflammatory response to complex biochemical mechanisms. This turmeric supplement also contains a specialized extract added to phosphatidylcholine to help generate curcumin bioavailability as it is difficult to be absorbed. Here are some of its additional benefits:

  • This supplement offers a powerful antioxidant while protecting and supporting the liver’s health.
  • This also provides a healthy response to inflammation, while making the immune system stronger.
  • This boosts curcuminoid absorption by up to 29 times its normal rate.
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Turmeric & Bromelain by NOW


This vegetarian formula contains 45 capsules per bottle and each capsule contains 600 milligrams of curcuma longa standardized to a minimum of 95% curcuminoids, bromelain, stearic acid, cellulose, silica and magnesium stearate.  If used as a dietary supplement, one can take 1 to 2 Vcaps two times daily with food. This is not recommended to be taken by lactating or pregnant women nor by those who have history of gastrointestinal problems, liver or gall bladder. There are certain dangers of  turmeric that need to be avoided. It is wise to seek the advice of a health professional first before taking this form of turmeric.

Turmeric & Bromelain by NOW® also helps support a healthy response to inflammation because of exercise. Studies done by scientific experts stated that it also has a modulating effect on both LOX and COX-2 pathways. On the other hand, Bromelain, an enzyme present in pineapples, offers benefits for immune cell trafficking.

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Standardized Turmeric by Nature’s Way


This supplement, specifically engineered to promote good health and to be an effective antioxidant contains, 120 tablets per bottle. Each tablet contains a total of 1% carbohydrate only while containing 450 milligrams of turmeric extract and 50 milligrams of turmeric root. This also contains maltodextrin, cellulose, modified cellulose, stearic acid, glycerin and silica. These help to boost the benefits of turmeric.

This is a very effective supplement approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not however intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is still recommended for you to avoid using this if you are pregnant or lactating. Approval from a medical expert is also needed if you have an existing condition, as it may interact poorly with your other medications. Health conditions are also different in many ways, and each condition should be treated uniquely and with caution. The turmeric side effects for skin and blood pressure can be quite dangerous. Those wondering can turmeric be harmful should know that it isn’t harmful for everyone. Following the turmeric supplement and capsules daily dosage is going to be safe for most people. The turmeric side effects in women can be more severe than with men, so they need to be more careful and make sure they ask their doctor how much turmeric to take.

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