Many people cringe at the thought of any fat on their body. The reason for this is because fat is generally associated with high level of cholesterol, heart disease and being overweight. The real truth is that not all fats that are bad. Some fats, such as Omega 3, are not only good for the body, but they are also needed for it to function properly. Omega 3 benefits should not be ignored by anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle. The question that many people ask once they have this information is, what is Omega 3 and what is it good for?

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The Omega 3 Benefits

omega 3 benefits

There are many health benefits associated with Omega 3, which can be found from krill oil and many other seafood sources. Researchers have concluded that Omega 3 fatty acids can help to reduce inflammation and also decrease the risk associated with diseases such as cancer, conditions such as heart attack and arthritis. Omega three is also important for functions of the brain such as memory and performance. This is because these acids are highly concentrated in the brain. Omega 3 is so important that if an infant is deprived of these fats during pregnancy, there is a risk of developing problems related to the nervous system and vision.

How to Use Omega 3 for Weight Loss

It may look ironic that Omega 3 fatty acids can actually be used for fat loss. However, the best Omega 3 fish oil can help a person to decrease fat and can also help with the often stubborn belly fat. Research has often shown that people with higher levels of Omega 3 tend to have normal weight. Nature made fish incredibly effective at reducing their own weight. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the benefits of Omega 3 in weight loss needs to realize that while taking these fats, they still have to supplement their efforts with a proper diet and some exercise.

You should talk to your doctor about how much Omega 3 daily doses should be taken. You can use an Omega 3 foods list or simply use Omega 3 supplements to get the amount your body needs.

how to use omega 3

Signs of Omega 3 Deficiency

Certain signs can indicate a deficiency of Omega 3 vitamins in the body. When the skin starts to become itchy or flaky, this may indicate that there is a lack of Omega 3 in the body. Soft, brittle nails and dry, entangled hair are other signs. Since Omega 3 is associated with brain function, any problems with brain functions and sleep may also be related to this deficiency. A study in Jordan concluded that Omega 3 fish oil can be used as an effective treatment for sleep apnea. Being constantly thirsty, drinking too much water, or urinating too constantly can be another sigh that there is a shortage of Omega3 in the body.

What Is Fish Oil Good for?

The human body requires Omega 3 but is unable to produce it for itself. They are sourced from foods such as fish, some plants, nuts and oils. This makes fish oil an important part of the human diet. But, what is fish oil good for? The short answer is that fish oil is beneficial because it contains the essential fatty acids. Fish oil has proven to be effective in the prevention of kidney related problems, diabetes, cirrhosis and many other diseases.

what is fish oil good for

Fish oil is also known for its brain health benefits. People are usually advised to eat fish in order to help with depression, bipolar disease and other ailments related to the brain such as psychosis and epilepsy. Fish oil can also be used for eye related problems such as cataracts. Some people also take it by mouth for stomach ulcers and other diseases related to the bowel. Women have also been known to take fish oil in order to prevent painful periods, breast pains and other complications that are associated with childbearing.

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