There are numerous products out there in the market today that say they are the “safest” testosterone enhancer. While there have been robust claims and fierce sales battles between numerous competitors, we’ve taken it to ourselves to see if their claims stand the test. We present you our TestoGen review with an in-depth understanding as to how testosterone enhancers work.

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TestoGen Defined


The supplement claims to be an all-natural and highly safe male testosterone supplement, ableto increase male hormones and make guys feel and look better. If you want to be as manly as possible and live your life on full-throttle, TestoGen claims to be the best for you. You can use it to enhance your bodybuilding, athletics, or regular fitness regimes. It’s your start to a being a better man, and it may be the safest way to take testosterone.

The supplement claims to increase muscle mass, boost strength, create toned muscles, and eliminate body fat. It also claims to improve concentration and increase energy levels so you can be at your best all the time.

How Does It Work?

As men age, the production of natural testosterone also declines. That is why the need for testosterone enhancers are increasing just as quickly. Men who want to stay in their prime would traditionally go through testosterone replacement therapy, do extreme workouts and try many other ineffective routines which usually do not give them the results they want when they want them.

That is why oral testosterone supplements have become so popular for testosterone enhancement. The TestoGen supplement uses a dose of 1-2 capsules (up to a maximum of four) after each meal per day, with the fourth being taken before bed. The routine shows scientific proof of slowed aging as it detoxifies the body. Once it does that, it will boost your overall performance.

What Makes It Work?


TestoGen has a few active ingredients that make it effective. It’s worth looking through the list to see if there might be some testogen side effects you need to watch out for. Testogen reviews will highlight some of those, but you also need to keep in mind what you are allergic to or what medical issues you suffer from. Here are some of the herbal testosterone boosters it contains:

  • D-Aspartic Acid. This active ingredient increases the production of Lutenizing Hormone (LH), which increases the production of free testosterone, actively fighting the effects of low testosterone.
  • TribulusTerrestris. This herbal extract increases production of testosterone and boosts its effects. It is one of the safest testosterone boosters on the market.
  • Panax Ginseng Extract. This herbal extract increases concentration, stamina, endurance, and more. This helps you attain the best condition to work your best. It also increases nitric oxide levels in the body, helping your recovery after workouts.
  • Fengureek. This herb has the remarkable ability to block estrogen in your body, making testosterone more dominant.
  • Zinc. A small amount of this trace element has been shown to increase testosterone output in the male body, working as an all natural testosterone booster.
  • Vitamins B2, B5, B6, and D. These vitamins are the only few in the set that provide increased testosterone production. They also enhances carbohydrate breakdown, increasing your metabolism and helping you get that shape you want.
  • Selenium. This improves your muscle fatigue recovery and helps you stay mentally sharp, allowing you to be at your peak performance.


While there are many products out there that promise to be the best testosterone booster for men over 40 the same effectiveness as TestoGen, there are none that can match its price. This is the most cost-effective men’s testosterone booster available. It has proven to be 45% more affordable than most other products and boasts the widest selection of natural ingredients that help in boosting your testosterone levels.

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