With so many bodybuilding products in the market, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to understand which of these products are legitimate and which ones are scams. While BCAA benefits may not yet be clear to everyone out there, researchers have been at work asking the questions, “What does BCAA do?” and “What is the correct BCAA dosage in order for it to give maximum results?”. This has a lead to a proliferation of information about what BCAAs are and how they can be an indispensable product to help every bodybuilder and athlete to meet every one of their bodybuilding goals.

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What is BCAA?


The acronym BCAA stands for Branched Amino Acids. These are the 3 amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Each of these three acids plays a profound role in the human body. Leucine is important for protein synthesis, and Isoleucine induces glucose absorption into cells. Further research is still ongoing in terms of the role played by Valine in the body. BCAAs supplements are used to prevent the depletion of serum, which naturally decreases during exercise. This decline is blamed on the influx of tryptophan into the brain, followed by the production of serotonin, which is a major cause of fatigue.

What Does BCAA Do to the Body?

One of the most common questions about these supplements is: “What does BCAA do?” The short answer is that it helps stimulate muscle synthesis, and this means that you do not lose muscle even when you are on a low-calorie diet. BCAAs have proven able to stimulate protein synthesis in a more effective way than protein would do on its own. BCAAs also assist the body by reducing the rate of protein breakdown. When the synthesis of protein is enhanced and the breakdown of protein is reduced, the natural result is the growth and maintenance of the muscle. This is the most effective way to fight muscle loss. So, what do BCAAs do for your body? They provide powerful amino energy side effects that transform the way you lose wight and gain muscle.

BCAA Benefits

There are a number of BCAA benefits and side effects. A fitness enthusiast can benefit from the intake of BCAA powder supplements, because studies have shown that these supplements can increase endurance during a workout. BCAAs have also been shown by research to increase testosterone levels among those who use them as supplements. The increase in testosterone levels leads to increased muscle development- the very reason why many athletes go out there to grind. They are among the best amino acids for muscle growth. Researchers have also concluded that the benefits of BCAAs extend to aiding recovery from muscle damage or fatigue after training.

The Correct BCAA Dosage


There are a number of protein sources such as meat and eggs that have an abundance of BCAAs. Anyone who does not take a sufficiently high protein intake can benefit from BCAA supplementation.  The recommended way to use them is as a recovery drink which is mixed with a low dose of carbohydrates. This can be taken either during the training or soon after the training session has been concluded. Those who have used a BCAA supplement recommend that it is best to take the drink during the training.

The dosage for BCAA supplements is taken based on the goals of the individual. For a non-obese person, the standard dosage for isoleucine can vary between 48 and 72mg/kg. For Leucine, it can be anything between 2 and 10 g. When the BCAAs are combined, a dose of 20g is recommended. While the supplementation of BCAAs is not necessary for anyone already getting sufficient levels of protein in their diet, with today’s busy lifestyle it is very difficult for an ordinary person to be absolutely sure that they are getting enough protein. This means we can recommend the supplementation of BCAA for everyone.

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