Thinning hair is no joke. A lot of people, both young and old, have this persisting concern and it can cause them stress. This not only makes one look older but it also decreases one’s self confidence. Most people turn to the best hair growth products in order to tackle the problem. However, not all are equally effective. It is best to be careful when choosing hair growth supplements, as some might do more harm than good. One tip is to always check on critic and user reviews first. This will give you a firsthand experience opinion as to whether the product is effective or not. They will also will give you some tips on how to best use it. Below are some of the best hair growth products based on its effectiveness. These products have undergone several standard and quality tests in order to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

Har Vokse ™ Hairspray and Supplement


This hair growth supplement works on two levels. Firstly, it encourages new hair growth, especially in the thinning areas. And secondly, it protects and strengthens existing hair. This is a very unique combination, as most supplements do either one or the other. This product has been formulated to work on different hair types as well as different levels of hair loss. Har Vokse offer many benefits too:

  • It promotes the regrowth of thicker and stronger hair. Both are very important, as one without the other will not be really effective. It also promotes shinier hair. A shiny hair is one that is healthy and good-looking and it makes people take notice.
  • It thickens and strengthens existing hair. This makes all your hair healthy and equal in different areas.
  • It also fortifies and protects hair from outside factors, which may cause damage or hair loss.
  • It offers nourishment to the hair, as it needs nutrients in order to remain healthy. Furthermore, it works to condition your hair follicles.
  • It also prevents hair loss.
  • It can impressively show you results after just a few days of use.
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Provillus offers powerful and effective hair treatment for both men and women. Both products were clinically tested and proven to give exemplary results. This is one of the best hair growth supplements and is proven to be effective.

Provillus for Women


This product is proven to reactivate hair follicles in order to stimulate regrowth. It contains 2% Minoxidil Topical Solution, which aids in the reverse of hair loss and thinning hair. One bottle is good for one month’s use, helping your hair reclaim its soft and youthful look.

Provillus for Men

This product is intended to be used by men only, as they have different hair genes from women. It allows men’s natural hair to regrow instantly. It also contains powerful and effective ingredients, making sure your hair regrowth is a success. It has 5% Minoxidil Topical Solution, which reactivates hair follicles in order to stimulate growth.

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