Forskolin is an extract from the Indian plant Plectranthusbarbatusalso, known as Coleus forskohlii. The chemical has been used since ancient times to aid hypertension, asthma, and angina. In modern days, forskolin taken orally can help with allergies, eczema and psoriasis, blood clots, insomnia, urinary tract infection, and even male sexual problems. We’re here to answer your questions like “is forskolin safe?”, “what is the best forskolin?” and “what are the side effects?”

There are also some cases where forskolin is induced intravenously for heart failure. It is also used in eye drop form to treat glaucoma. While there are some herbal products that include forskolin in them (specifically Coleus forskohlii supplements), there is little scientific evidence that orally-consumed forskolin extract from the Coleus forskohlii plant is effective in treating medical conditions.

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If it has been used in the ancient times, why isn’t there that much study on its effectiveness? Let’s take an in-depth look at how forskolin works and how it affects the human body.

Side Effects of Forskolin

There is little evidence to show how safe forskolin is. It is possibly safe for adult use and there have only been minor symptoms caused by taking it. Here are a few of them.

Forskolin can either be induced intravenously, inhaled, or used as eye drops. People taking it all three ways have reported issues when using it. IV treatments using forskolin can flush the blood, making the blood pressure drop. inhaled forskolin can cause throat irritation, tremors, and restlessness. Eye drops can cause stinging in the eyes.

You may want to consider that forskolin can affect your blood flow, causing problems with other procedures. An increase in forskolin can increase the risk of bleeding in some people and should not be taken at least 2 weeks before an operation. The forskolin can cause prolonged bleeding, which can prove problematic for long surgeries.

Pregnant women should also be wary before using forskolin. High amounts of coleus can stop the growth of the fetus. Decreased blood flow can be dangerous for women carrying. As there are no scientific studies on the matter, breast feeding while using coleus is also highly ill-advised.

If you already have issues with low blood pressure, do not use forskolin. Forskolin side effects can cause decreased blood pressure, which carries numerous risks. Always seek medical expertise before using the product.

You may also lose weight while taking forskolin. Many people actually use forskolin for weight loss, and some brands may work better than others. Forskolin fuel seems to be the most effective for causing weight reduction, but you can find out for yourself which is the best for you if you take a forskolin free trial.

Other Medicine to Avoid Taking While Using Forskolin

Is forskolin safe to take with other medications? Let’s examine here:

DO NOT take hypertension medications while using forskolin. Your blood pressure can drop dangerously low if the 2 medications are combined. Forskolin already has properties that lower blood pressure and should not be taken with calcium channel blockers.


Also take caution in using forskolin with medications that increase blood flow (blood thinners), as it can cause dizziness due to the multiplicative effects of the drug. The same warning should be applied to anticoagulants, as forskolin may slow down blood clotting to dangerous levels.

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Always consult a specialist before taking any medication in order to prevent any risk or complications in your body. Do not self-medicate, as it could present serious risks if taken without consultation. Also read forskolin reviews to find the best forskolin brand. 100% pure forskolin is always the best way to go.

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