Probiotics are basically just live bacteria that are good for your health. They are especially beneficial for body’s digestive system. Most people think of bacteria as bad, but you should remember that there are also those good and beneficial bacteria just like probiotics. These are naturally found in the body as well as in foods. Recently though, researchers have proven yet again that probiotic supplements are much better than eating probiotic foods like yogurts. Most of these foods with high probiotics have undergone pasteurization, which means the bacteria are killed during this process.

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Probiotic supplements usually undergo several science-backed testings. Refinement of the probiotic formula ensures the live bacteria are preserved for consumption and made to be more effective. Additionally, these supplements have strain-specific bacteria and are dose specific. This makes sure your body receives the right amount of probiotics for them to be really effective. They often remain viable and stable even after a long period of time. They have the ability to survive in the stomach and thrive inside the intestine.

What Are the Benefits of Probiotics?

Are you wondering what probiotics do? Well, after reading this, you will might be convinced to take more probiotics. All these benefits have been proven by scientific research:

  • Probiotics improve the digestive function. They works their way to the intestine to aid in better digestion of food. They also helps in breaking down necessary nutrients faster.
  • Probiotics boost the immune system. The live bacteria balance with the bad bacteria in order to give the body what it needs.
  • They helps in healing inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS.
  • They prevents and treat urinary tract infections. They also prevent the bad bacteria from penetrating the urinary tract, preventing infection. If infection is already present, then probiotics kill the bad bacteria.
  • They fights food-borne diseases.
  • They are very beneficial to children, since they prevents eczema and helps heal existing problems.
  • They help reduce flu and colds and treat kidney stones.
  • They prevent cavities and gum disease as well.
  • They also aid in treating serious diseases like liver disease as well as minor ones such as acne.
  • They help lower cholesterol levels and fight the cause of ulcers.

How to Take Probiotics for Maximum Benefit

Some of the most common questions asked when choosing when to take probiotics are whether it should be taken in the morning or at night and whether to take it with an empty stomach or a full one. According to experts, it is best to take probiotics at the end of a meal. This doesn’t mean you can’t take it on an empty stomach, but a full one is much more preferable. This is to ensure that the probiotics’ potency is not reduced due to stomach acid. However, if you are taking probiotics as an additional medicine, then you may take more before bedtime. This will ensure that every tissue in your body is well protected. It is also recommended that you do not consume anything after taking in probiotics. This is to ensure the probiotics can be as effective as possible.

You also want to take the best probiotics. The best natural probiotics are those that don’t contain a bunch of fillers or additives. You always want to be careful of probiotic supplements you buy, that they are almost entirely natural.


What Are Some Probiotics Side Effects?

When it comes to side effects, probiotics have few. For probiotics supplements, side effects might as well be a sign of effectiveness. Some of the good side effects, though, are better digestive system and higher energy. However, some cases have shown gas and bloating, which usually happen during the transition period and usually doesn’t last long. Once the body gets used to the consumption of probiotics, the side effects disappear. So if you have just started taking them, don’t worry too much.

Foods with probiotics are not as likely to cause side effects, but probiotic-rich foods also are not as potent. Any foods loaded with probiotics are simply not going to be as effective at offering the same kinds of benefits as the best probiotic supplements.

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