You can always find diet supplements on the market that claim to help you improve your overall performance. This means that they help you with all the various performance aspects but don’t focus on a single one. Most supplements are targeted towards your entire workout, but the CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is made specifically for “repair and recovery”. Today, we present to you our CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine review.

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CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine


The Core Series BCAA supplement that is backed by clinical research proving that each and every ingredient is beneficial to your recovery and tissue repair. The supplement helps with stimulating protein synthesis and enhancing glucose uptake in the muscles. It also helps in reducing fatigue and protecting your muscles from damage due to exercise. Since it enhances protein synthesis, it also helps with increasing muscle mass each workout. Fat loss is also accelerated with the use of this supplement.

What Makes It Work?

The formula is made up of a few key ingredients that help in the overall repair and recovery of your muscles during each and every workout. Be sure to talk to your doctor about when to take BCAA and glutamine. Here are some of the ingredients included in the package:

  • Leucine
    • Helps in regulating skeletal protein synthesis. This amino acid not only helps by providing energy to the body during workout but also helps in muscle recovery.
  • Isoleucine
    • Works as a support to reduce damage in muscles. Another amino acid that helps in improving muscle endurance while also promoting muscle regeneration.
  • Valine
    • Valine helps with improving muscle growth and tissue repair. It works as a stimulant that helps accelerate your recovery during workouts.
  • Glutamine
    • A powerful amino acid that aids in protein metabolism and preserves muscle endurance. It is considered the building block of protein and is vital to any muscle supplements, and it is worth looking into information regarding glutamine vs BCAA to see how they compare.
  • Coconut Water Extract
    • Known to have numerous benefits to overall health. It helps with rehydration during exercise, causing you to perform better. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can soothe your muscles during intense workouts. It also works in balancing your sugar levels and improve energy production. Enhances eye and skin health and keeps your kidneys working properly.


The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA, all 4 listed above) are proven to help with keeping your muscles healthy by helping them regenerate and recover faster. It also increases protein absorption, which helps your muscles grow. The coconut water extract has loads of vitamins and minerals, which play an important role when it comes to repair and recovery.

There is the potential for BCAA amino acids side effects. The various amino acid side effects will not be the same for everyone, and you need to be aware of what the risks are for you. Nausea, vomiting, dry mouth and dizziness are all potential side effects of glutamine. You should ask your doctor to assess your glutamine side effects danger before taking this supplement.

Buy BCAA Glutamine


Should You Buy It?

Supplements are widely used by athletes to improve their performance and training. The CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine supplement is safe to use for any athlete looking to up their game. It contains no illegal drugs which could disqualify them from competitions. That said, any supplement should be taken with care and should only be taken with the correct dosage. If it’s your first time getting supplements, it’s always good to consult a trainer or a physician before you buy. You might get all the answers you need before you start your training.

You should also talk to your doctor about the benefits of BCAA for women and men. The best BCAAs for women are not all the same ones, since different women have different requirements and needs. The Core Series BCAA glutamine supplement is powerful, but may not be appropriate for everyone.


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