If you are looking for a product that is not, like other protein supplements, stuffed with artificial ingredients to either improve the taste or increase quantity, it’s time to look at Syntha 6. The reason why this product is different is because BSN designed it with ingredients that help to delay the process of digestion. The main reason for this is that the levels of amino acids in the blood are sustained with this mass protein.

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Massive 6 Proteins


A total of six proteins are blended into this protein supplement. These proteins have been made in such a way that they are digested slowly. For this reason, their release into the body is sustained throughout the day. This is made possible by the inclusion of Calcium Caseinate and Micellar Caseinate. These additions assist the main ingredient, whey protein concentrate, which tends to digest more quickly.

Another welcome addition to this protein supplement are the digestive enzymes Aminogen and Papain. These help to mitigate the risk of stomach upset often associated with the consumption of protein powders. If you are wondering if it is the best protein powder for weight loss, as many people do, then you may not understand how this product works. You will gain mass with it rather than lose weight, and that will tend to be muscle mass, which weighs more than fatty tissue.

Great Taste

If you are used to those bad-tasting protein supplements, then you are in for a surprise. The Syntha 6 protein supplement tastes so great some reviewers say it’s ridiculous. The taste is so delicious you will soon forget that you are consuming a protein powder, and you might be excused for confusing this supplement with an ordinary smoothie. Yo can enhance the taste by mixing it with milk and banana, if you wish.

The protein supplement comes in several flavors. Those who appreciate a milky chocolate taste will find the chocolate flavor desirable. For anyone who loves Iced Caps, the Mochachino flavor would certainly be great. If however, you prefer a creamy delicious vanilla taste, your choice will be the Vanilla flavor. However, you may want to try all three flavors of muscle building supplements; they all taste great.

Mixes Easily

Most protein mixes take some time to blend. The Syntha 6 blends quite easily. You can either blend the protein supplement or use a shake. Whatever you do, you will be enjoying your Syntha 6 weight gain supplements in a matter of seconds.

It Is Easy on the Stomach


The product is generally easy on the stomach. You will not have the worry of a bloated stomach associated with other protein supplements. So you can take this supplement several times during the day and still feel great. Of course,how well you will be able to tolerate this product or any other protein supplement depends a lot on your stomach’s ability to digest milk.

Always Effective

Many people indicate that it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of protein supplements. This is true because this is not a pre-workout amplifier; it is a product that can help you get extra calories in your diet or you can use it as a meal replacement on the go. Also, the main reason why you would want to use a protein supplement is to decrease the risks caused by eating too many unhealthy meals. This would be detrimental to anyone seeking a healthy physique. The idea is not really to see tangible results when using this product but more a sustained habit of getting enough protein into the body.

This is one of the best muscle gainers supplements, and it is recommended as one of the top-rated weight gain pills for women. How well it works for you will depend on a number of factors, and you may still wonder what is the best muscle-building supplement. That’s something you will have to discover for yourself. While Syntha 6 may be the best supplement for weight gain for many people (source: legal-steroids.org), not everyone will get the same results.

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